Proactive Claim Risk Solutions

Prevent the risk of future claim denials

How do you prevent the risk of a claim denial or unfair settlement before you have a claim?  Our industry first, policy risk analysis and maintenance compliance inspection can help minimize these risks. 

We feel so strongly about this service that we offer it at no cost.  Trust that your agent sold you a proper policy, but verify that coverage with a policy coverage and claims expert- before you have a clam and it is too late to modify your policy.

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Policy Risk Analysis

A licensed policy coverage expert will evaluate your policy coverages for

  • unfair language
  • unfair policy limits
  • unreasonable deductibles
  • missing endorsements
  • unfair endorsements


Maintenance Compliance

You have a duty to maintain your home but what is to stop the insurance company from denying your claim due to lack of maintenance? 

Our licensed policy coverage experts will inspect your home and make you aware of any potential issues that may give cause for a claim denial or unfair settlement without risk of unnecessary repairs.

Smart Claim Membership

No cost value added services

  • 24/7 Emergency Claims Advisement
  • 24/7 Emergency Claims Services
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Annual policy risk analysis
  • Annual maintenance inspection
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